“Children are to be taught to magnify the Lord; they ought to be well informed as to his wonderful doings in ages past, and should be made to know his strength and his wonderful works that he hath done. The best education is education in the best things. The first lesson for a child should be concerning his mother’s God. Teach him what you will, if he learn not the fear of the Lord, he will perish for lack of knowledge. Grammar is poor food for the soul if it be not flavoured with grace.”

-Charles Spurgeon

Who we are

We are a parent-led Christian homeschool co-op that focuses primarily on providing middle and high-school science labs, writing courses, and electives. Because we know families have a range of ages, we also offer nursery and classes for elementary students.

When do we meet?

We meet on Monday mornings from 9:15 AM Eastern to 12:30 PM. Our co-op year is from August to April (with some breaks, of course!)

Where do we meet?

We meet together in the Downtown Spartanburg area of South Carolina.

I love HIS Co-Op because I get to see my friends every week, and more importantly, I receive quality instruction in classes that I would not otherwise be able to get at home. Even though some of my classes are pretty-hard for me occasionally, I can get help and support from my teachers and friends who are always there to lend a hand when I need it.
Katie W. (age 15)
HIS Co-op student
HIS Co-Op has been a perfect fit for our family. Our children receive the encouragement of learning in a classroom setting one day a week with others their same age. Plus, I've found a community of like-minded homeschool parents with whom I can exchange ideas and share friendships.
Kim B.
Homeschool mom
HIS Co-Op is much more than a bunch of families getting together to trudge through the school year and all the stress and work it brings. HIS Co-Op is a place where students can not only learn, but also feel like they're seen and treated as family here. There's no unneeded stress that the public school system brings, with their social hierarchy and detached teachers. Here everyone is family.
Micah W. (age 17)
HIS co-op student

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